Your Humanity is Welcome Here! 

We often get lost in life. Disconnected and not finding our way back to ourselves. Sensing our potential yet not really knowing how to bring it forward and reflect it on our actions.

Let's untangle you from the aspects of your life that prevent you from fulfilling your potential. Together, we can explore ways to focus on the aspects that enable you to move forward with a deeper sense of purpose. We can also explore ways to nourish your emotions and interpersonal relationships. It's like untangling a knot of tangled wires - you have to patiently work through it bit by bit, but eventually, the clump will be removed, and the individual wires can be neatly organized and used to create something strong and powerful. In this way, you can move more freely towards what is meaningful to you. Moving towards music and not noise, if you will. 

By cultivating curiosity and compassion for the material unraveled in each session. I can help with the following:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • PTSD and Loss

  • Gender Related Problems

  • Relationships

  • Purpose and Creativity 

  • Chronic Pain and Adjustment to Disability

  • Cultural Identity and Socio-Political Stress-Related Problems

  • BIPOC -Related Concerns

  • Neurodiversity (i.e., ADHD, autism) and Trauma

If your problem is not listed and you sense I can help, contact me. Sometimes, I consider cases with unique challenges.

I am a native Spanish speaker.